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2024 Delta Days at the Capitol
March 20 - 21, 2024

Sorors gathered at the Alabama State House - 11 S. Union Street, Montgomery, AL to attend Legislative Workshops , "The ABCs of Lobbying" and "Criminal Justice Reform," observe the Alabama Legislature, and attended the Dr. Yvonne Kennedy Servant Leadership Social Action Luncheon with Keynote Speaker, Evan Milligan, Executive Director, Alabama Forward



Soror Gloria Buie


L - Soror Alfreda Coward, Southern Region Social Action Chair

R - Soror Jackie Perry, Alabama State Coordinator


State Representative A. J. McCampbell, House District 71

Soror Amaya Agee, Alpha Zeta, who is currently interning in the House of Representatives. Amaya is making us proud as she walks the floor at the State House.


Soror Buie and Soror Agee attending the Annual Softball Game between the Alabama Senate vs. the Alabama House of Representatives

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